Free Fertility Charting Course

Discover when you are fertile and how fertile you really are

Are you longing for a baby?

…not sure what days of the month you are most likely to fall pregnant?

…getting the feeling that you are falling pregnant but losing the pregnancy every time?

…suspecting that you have a hormone imbalance?

…fed up with period pains or PMS /PMT?

If so, it is time to start charting your cycle!

Fertility charting

To make it super easy for you I have put together a FREE Basics to Fertility Charting course for you and in 4 lessons you are good to go!

You can start making the most of your cycle today and increase your chances of falling pregnant right away.

Because every woman’s cycle is different, it varies when you are most fertile.

It can even vary month to month!

Fertility charting lets you find your personal most fertile days every month so that you can increase your chances of falling pregnant.

Charting also helps you discover which hormonal imbalance is causing your (menstrual) symptoms or preventing you from falling or staying pregnant.

To help recognize from your charts if you have a hormone imbalance, I have therefore added 2 bonus lessons that cover the 10 most common hormone problems that you can pick up on through fertility charting.

Fertility charting

Charting is not just marking the calendar for when you had your period!

It includes:

Every cycle’s chart tells you something about your current hormonal levels, and several charts in a row reveals patterns to show how your hormonal system is doing and if any of your glands are under functioning or weak.

Examples of what charting can reveal:

  • Short luteal phases that explain recurring early miscarriages
  • Premature onset of menopause
  • Stressed out or burnt out adrenal glands
  • Low progesterone levels
  • Under functioning (hypo) thyroid
  • …and more!

Fertility charting

This course is for you if:

  • You want to find your fertile window to increase your chances of falling pregnant
  • You want to understand why you are not falling pregnant or keep miscarrying
  • You want to find out if your symptoms are caused by a hormonal imbalance
  • You are not charting yet or have started but feel overwhelmed & confused

What you will learn:

  • How to spot when your fertile window opens every month to maximize (or minimize!) chances of falling pregnant
  • What cervical mucus is and why you want to know about it
  • How to determine if and when you ovulate
  • How to use thermometers and ovulation tests 
  • How to recognize 10 common hormonal problems from your charts

Are you ready to get a hold of your hormonal health, catch that egg and get charting?

Yes! I want to master the art of fertility charting too.

If you are already charting but would you like some help interpreting you charts, you can book a free discovery call with me and I will show you:

  • When your fertile window opens
  • If and when you are ovulating
  • How long your luteal phase is
  • Which hormones might be out of balance
  • Which hormonal glands may be sluggish or overacting
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